A fine art installation exploring life, death and the infinite.


Memoria is a fine art installation by Alex Peckham concerned with the finite nature, duration and experience of life. In the work, participants are invited to explore an environment that is in one sense a deconstructed living space. However, the environment contains surreal sculptural works and aspects reminiscent of a forest or nature - it is neither an interior nor an exterior. The work embodies a dream-like quality with curious incongruous elements to be experienced and discovered, combining sculpture with spoken narrative, dynamic sound and light. Memoria asks us to reconsider what is truly important in our own lives and how we attribute value to situations, people and things.


To accompany the exhibition, we will be hosting an evening talk entitled Mortality and Art. The event will take place on Wednesday 19 July and will feature presentations from artists Alex Peckham, Rachael Allen and Lorenza Ippolito. Each artist will explore their views surrounding mortality and the influence it has on their practice. These presentations will be followed by an open discussion inviting the audience to ask questions and share their views on the subject.


The talk is free to attend but spaces are limited, sign up here:


Alex Peckham

Alex Peckham

Alex is an artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, sound, light and moving image. Much of his work focuses on loss, mortality and the limited experience of life that each of us has. Within a realm of near-infinite possibilities we experience only a tiny fraction of the world we inhabit and yet many of our decisions are made as if we have an eternity. Alex seeks to explore these themes in his work as both a means of catharsis and also self-discovery.

Rachael Allen

Rachael Allen

We must confront aging, illness, dying, death and bereavement not simply as our inescapable realities but as messengers disclosing new dimensions of meaning. And it is creativity that provides the perfect tools for this life work. Combining practice, research and service as visual artist and carer, I create space for verbal, visual, sensorial and energetic conversations between human bodies and beings, and the time to exchange ideas, experiences, perceptions and beliefs about what matters most, what is so very human.

Lorenza Ippolito

Lorenza Ippolito

Lorenza Ippolito is a visual artist working with still and moving image to create art works that focus on themes of identity, belonging and nostalgia. Her current practice also engages with and explores the idea of public conversation through bringing together the artist and the audience in the same temporal and geographical space. All Ippolito’s work involves substantial research and development and relies on building relationships with communities over long periods of time.


PV Fri 30 June, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition 1 July - 23 July
Admission free

Phoenix Brighton BN2 9NB


If you have any comments or questions about Memoria, we would love to hear from you! We are passionate about the work and the issues that surround it. We read all messages and endeavour to respond to each one too. You can reach us at the address below.


Memoria was conceived and developed by artist Alex Peckham. Many thanks go to Lorah Pierre for all her help in organising and promoting the exhibition and surrounding events. A big thank you to Rachael Allen and Lorenza Ippolito for supporting the project and wanting to share their thoughts. Many thanks to Karin Mori and Belinda Greenhalgh for all their help and support. Big thanks to Megan Clifton for voice acting, to Abby Middleton, Josie Ord and Tom Christie for supporting the application and to Mimi Beaumont and Chloe Barker for consultancy. A massive thank you to Arts Council England for believing in Memoria and helping to fund the work. Lastly a huge thank you to Jo Knell for support and encouragement in the past and inspiration in the present.


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